It is JAK Solutions’ goal to simplify business management regardless of your company’s size.

We design software solutions suitable for any sector or profession and we develop them to match the reality of our customers’ business in the long term.

JAK Solutions believes in collaboration. We are dedicated to dynamic sharing and to regular contacts with our customers in order for the project to be directed at the same goal every step of the way: our customers’ satisfaction, time savings for all and our solutions’ contribution to improved efficiency.

Our team’s various programming skills complement each other in order to design projects that meet unique criteria, whether they are related to budget, time or technology.

FileMaker Pro is usually the engine of our projects.

JAK Solutions Is set in the heart of Belgium, Brussels!

Our services:


We provide advice, carry out analyses and help to develop your projects.


Coaching and training on your applications or on FileMaker.


Efficient and affordable hosting service, suited to your needs.

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Distribution, follow-up and development of products: BeProductive, BeMassMailer and Contacts & Events


Sales and follow-up of FileMaker licences.


Maintenance, follow-up and development of your current solutions, for a constantly updated application.