Discover the intuitive and full business management solution forMacPC and iPad. Integrated, adaptable and upgradeable.

BeProductive integrates commercial management, the management of your purchases, of your invoices, of your estimates, of your projects, your tasks, time sheets and much more…


90% of all SMEs have similar needs.

Monitoring your customers and contacts, your estimates, invoices and orders, your time sheets, your products and your stock, your purchases, your projects, your tasks, your payments, specific accesses per user, etc.

All SMEs have unique needs.

Professional specificities, graphic charts, product specifications, personalised dashboards, choice of languages depending on the customer, barcode scanning, links to other databases, etc.

BeProductive contains all of the functionalities that you use every day.

You will finally have access to custom-made, integrated software,, , multi-user in real time, and rediscover the pleasure of working in a pleasant and intuitive environment whilst continuing to own your software and your data.


Everything is linked

For each contact, view estimates, orders, invoices, e-mails, projects. Dashboards will help you to make sound decisions.<br />


Your data is finally centralised, can be shared and is accessible simultaneously in real time by all users in accordance with their access rights.

On your premises or in the Cloud

BeProductive can be installed in your premises on a local server or in the Cloud. Access your data from your office or from a customer’s premises on an iPad.


Thanks to an innovative approach, BeProductive represents the revolutionary combination of the advantages of a standard solution and a tailored solution that meets your needs.


With a click of the mouse, convert your estimate into an order, send it by e-mail with a personalised text and a PDF compliant with your graphic chart.

Service included

Six hours of training offered, as well as adjustments to your specific needs, 3 months of unlimited telephone assistance, in order for each user to take pleasure in increasing their productivity.


Modularity is key

Each management module has been designed to interact with all of the other modules.
We develop new modules and functionalities for your specific needs.

  • Advanced business management modules
  • Upgradeable: your specific needs, current and future, can be integrated
  • You own your solution and the security of your data is guaranteed
  • Multilingual: choose the language for each user and each document
  • Manage several entities based on a single solution
  • Easily integrate your SMTP environment
  • Multi-platform: Windows, Mac and iOS compatible
  • Advanced personalisation of user parameters