• Manage your business in your own way, use a tool that is adapted to your needs and not the other way around.
  • Do not conform to an existing application that does not meet your requirements and for which you rely on artifice!

The majority of SMEs never took the time when they were founded to develop an efficient internal management system. Through the years, customers, partners, files and employees keep on increasing and end up creating an IT chaos. Split databases, loss of documents, task duplication, multiplication of files, non-existent common diary, etc., are all recurring logistical deterrents that make your staff lose a lot of time and are the reason for numerous disagreements, even failures.

In that case many companies call in a computer expert to tidy up but the problem is doomed to repeat itself, if there is no adapted software that allows to start again with a good foundation. Just Imagine a personalised platform that enables you to to run a clear, secure and common database, but also to manage your e-mail, your stock, your diary, your documents, your projects’ development, etc.

How? Thanks to our team’s skills, we provide tailored solutions that are also affordable, can be rapidly implemented and will meet all your needs.

Convey your requirements and we will provide you with a unique and adapted solution.

Our highly complementary team allows to broaden the scope of the technical options. Even though we primarily work in FileMaker since it offers value for money, user-friendliness, price, power and ease, we regularly rely on other languages in order to overcome any potential FileMaker limitations.

The option of having an application custom developed therefore delivers several easily measurable advantages.

The proposed solution

  • results in more rapid management
  • allows to delegate certain technical tasks,
  • cuts costs in the long term and hence leads to a considerable ROI,
  • simplifies access and prevents errors,
  • is linked to immediately available support.
Collaborative relationship

You are at the centre of the process and take part in your order’s creation. In a bespoke development project, JAK Solutions listens to the customer to understand their requirements and specifics before starting to design a system that will be able to handle the identified working methods and operations. We use the Agile method. During development, we closely communicate with your company’s project managers in order to be able to adapt or correct the process where necessary. The product must meet all of your needs.


With us, no telephone exchange, no voice mail or long waiting times. JAK Solutions aims to keep a finger on the pulse of its customers, each of them has its dedicated developer who knows the project, remains available and supports the company in the long term depending on their needs.


Opt for hosting your solutions on our own servers and benefit from additional security thanks to our regular backups.

Experience and speed

Over the years, we have developed dramatically different solutions, which enables us to get a quick overview of what is feasible according to your budget and you priorities. What is more, this experience allows us to take over certain software components that have proven their efficiency and to use them to put together a basic system more rapidly and more economically than if we started from scratch. These modules, typically completed at 70-80%, are designed to be fully modified and adapted to meet your requirements that have been identified.


A young and dynamic team familiar with digital topicality and with a broadened area of expertise allow to draw the best from the FileMaker tool. We rely on more than 10 years’ expertise in FileMaker development and on numerous projects and applications.

Competitive prices

We offer contracts adapted to the company’ capacity, in the form of a pack or hours performed and with reasonable prices compared to our Belgian competition.