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Kim Berthonneau

CEO / Solution Architect

Kim plays many roles at JAK Solutions. Usually, he's the first point of contact for prospects and clients, so chances are, your initial interactions will be with him. Blessed with a high degree of empathy, Kim has the unique ability to truly walk in your shoes and understand your needs at a fundamental level. His strong technical background equips him to convert your needs into customized digital solutions that fit your business like a glove.

Kim also has a passion for all activities related to boards. Don't be surprised if you spot him skateboarding down the street, snowboarding down a frosty mountain slope, or kitesurfing over the ocean waves in his free time.

Jon Pauwels

FullStack Developer / FileMaker Developer

Jon is our Swiss Army Knife of the future. His adaptability allows him to thrive in any situation. His precision and vast knowledge transform him into an unstoppable force, a real coding machine. His dedication and passion for his work are clearly reflected in the quality of the solutions he develops.

An aficionado of refined alcohols, Jon has a notable collection of premium spirits that is certainly worth admiring. His appreciation for the intricate art of distillation parallels the meticulousness he applies to his coding, making him a unique and integral part of our team.

Corentin Grégoire

FullStack Developer

Corentin is the most recent addition to our dynamic team. We first met him at the Excelsior, a favored local bar of ours, where his potential was immediately evident. Over time, Corentin has demonstrated that he possesses all the qualities needed to be a top-notch developer. He is meticulous in his work. He won't rest until he's ensured that every aspect of his work has been executed flawlessly.

When it comes to recreational activities, particularly bar games like kicker (foosball), Corentin is the one you'll want to avoid as an opponent. His skills in these games are exceptionally good, reflecting his competitive spirit and keen ability to master different disciplines.


Valentina Morciano

UX Designer

Loïc Ponchon

Fullstack developer

Guillaume Morvan

UI Designer / Front end developer

Reem Al Kaisy

UX Designer

Mounaïm El Attabi

Quality Assurance Engineer
Simple, collaborative & convivial

Our Core Values


At JAK Solutions, simplicity guides our work, from coding to interface design and communication. We believe simpler code is more efficient, maintainable, and less error-prone. Our interfaces aim to be intuitive and user-focused, removing unnecessary complexities. Our communication is clear and jargon-free, fostering an open and collaborative environment.

Achieving simplicity requires thoughtful planning to distill complex ideas into their essential elements. This process, while challenging, enhances our work and benefits our clients by making their tech interactions straightforward and hassle-free.

Like an iceberg, the simplicity seen on the surface hides the complexity beneath, a balance we strive for at JAK Solutions.


In our profession, the practice of collaboration with our customers is not just beneficial, but indispensable. It is through this close, cooperative relationship that we are able to fully understand their specific needs and circumstances. This understanding, in turn, allows us to discover and devise unique solutions that are not only effective but also tailored to each individual situation. In this way, we ensure that the services we provide are not generic, but personalized and of the highest quality.

To facilitate this collaboration, we strive to understand each client's needs deeply. This enables us to visualize ideal solutions. Regular communication is then needed to refine these ideas into a final project that precisely meets the client's requirements.


Work holds great significance in our lives. It's about finding joy and fulfillment, embracing each day positively, and valuing the contributions of everyone involved. At JAK Solutions, we cherish every moment, every interaction, and every project, infusing positivity and warmth into all that we do. Our team takes pride in fostering a work environment that promotes enjoyable collaboration and the cultivation of strong, meaningful relationships. We celebrate the process of work and the creation of solutions that bring value to our clients. Our aim is to build not just solutions, but also relationships, creating a work culture where everyone loves what they do and feels a deep sense of accomplishment and satisfaction.

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