Création d'un logiciel de gestion de stock de matériel pyrotechnique.

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Groupe F, a global leader in pyrotechnics and fireworks, required a distinct solution for their unique inventory management needs. Given the nature of their business, they needed to store pyrotechnic materials in various locations. The challenge was to create an efficient stock management software that could handle this complexity.


The primary challenge was managing stocks located in three different places: the main one in France, a secondary one in Dubai, and another in Saudi Arabia. The diversity of locations added a layer of complexity to the project. Furthermore, the team required an intuitive interface to easily manage these stocks.


JAK Solutions developed a custom software solution using FileMaker (Gπ) for backend management. This software was specifically designed to manage the stock of pyrotechnic materials across the diverse locations. To provide an intuitive experience for the team, a web interface known as PyroSelect was created.


The creation of the stock management software and the intuitive web interface significantly streamlined Groupe F's inventory management process. The solution not only brought efficiency but also enhanced the user experience for the teams managing the stocks across different locations.

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