Creating a Sustainable Impact Tool for VO-Group

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VO-Group is a leading communication and event agency based in Brussels. They approached us with a unique requirement: they needed a tool to evaluate the sustainable impact of their events. Their existing system consisted of an Excel file questionnaire, but they wanted a solution that would be accessible and user-friendly for all employees.


To address this need, we developed a custom solution using three technologies that we are passionate about:

  1. Web Technology: Used to manage questionnaires and client reports in a user-friendly interface.
  2. FileMaker Technology: Used for BackOffice management, including user management and database management.
  3. Tableau BI: Used as a business intelligence software to process data, generate graphs, and provide an overview of actions and decisions.

The solution we created had an immediate impact. The end-users adopted it enthusiastically, which facilitated data collection from all their events. The collected data served two primary purposes:

  1. After each event, a report was generated to communicate the sustainable impact of the event to the client, enhancing VO's reputation in the sustainability field.
  2. Data processing via Tableau BI enabled VO to evaluate their progress in sustainability, highlighting their efforts, and contributing to their achievement of the EMAS certification, a prestigious environmental certification.

Evolving the Solution

The success of the initial project inspired a new idea: why not make this tool available to other companies? Therefore, we embarked on the challenge of transforming our custom solution into a commercial SaaS product, accessible to companies of all sizes.

In order to meet the evolving needs of our clients, it was necessary to carry out a complete re-design of our existing solution. The main focus of this redesign was to ensure scalability, accommodating for future growth and expansion. It was crucial to maintain clear and easy-to-use interfaces, without compromising on the high-level performance our clients have come to expect. After significant work and innovation, the outcome was a comprehensive online tool. This tool serves as a robust platform for companies to accurately assess their sustainable impact and effectively communicate this to their stakeholders. It is a significant step forward in empowering businesses to become more accountable and transparent in their sustainability efforts.


The SaaS product has just been launched and is already being used by prominent names in the event industry, including Brussels Environment, the Union Saint Gilloise, and even TEDx.

Our role in this project was comprehensive:

  • We were responsible for the development of the website and the tool, both created entirely using Web technology.
  • We managed the hosting of the solution.
  • We provided consultation on the choice of external tools (CRM, invoicing software, etc.), ensuring smooth integration with the MyImpactTool.
  • We participated in the creation of the MyImpactTool's brand identity.

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